Koka Gakuen

Koka Gakuen( Marianist Sisters )
5-28-1 Sazu Machi,Chofu City,Tokyo 182-8550,Japan

The name of our school is Koka Gakuen Junior and Senior High School. The Japanese kanji characters for “Koka” mean “Shining Flower.” This is a symbol for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Noblesse Oblige is our school motto. Koka Gakuen celebrated its 50th anniversary of its founding in 2014.

The school is run by the Daughters of Mary Immaculate. This is a Religious Order engaged in educational work. It was founded in 1816 and has schools in Korea, France, Spain, Italy, the Americas, and Africa.

The avowed policy of our school is to provide six years of moral and intellectual education based on Christian principles. It is hoped that, through this policy, a refined harmonious character will be able to be developed in our students.
In keeping with the universal nature of Christianity, another aim of our educational policy is to cultivate an international outlook of compassion for the less fortunate in the minds of the students.

Means Employed

Religion:Instruction in Christian knowledge is given to all students. Other religious events are -ceremonies for Christmas, Easter, a day each year on All Souls’ Day for silent recollection under the guidance of a spiritual director.
There are also special gatherings of baptized students throughout the year.
Each day of school starts with the Lord’s prayer and a hymn, and ends with the Hail Mary, and each lesson begins and ends with a brief time of meditation.

Foreign Language:Emphasis is placed on English. Foreign teachers are employed for conversation and composition. Speech contests are held annually within the school separately for both junior and senior high schools. Many of the students take part in interschool speech contests. They have a good success record.
Once a year a two-week home stay in England is organized abroad for the first year high school students. About 80 students are billeted in private homes while they attend a summer program run by qualified native English speakers. This program is voluntary and has become very popular.
The school also has an active foreign exchange program hosting students from foreign countries and sending its students to study abroad for a year.

Club activities:Membership in a club is not compulsory, but most of the students do belong to one. The clubs are open to both junior and senior high school students. Sports clubs are volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tennis, gymnastics, baton twirling, track and field, and Iai(Japanese sword fighting). Study clubs include media, computer, cooking, history, English, art, drama, orchestra, choir, board game, broadcasting, astronomy, flower design, ceramics, and science.

Other Extra-curricular Activities:Flower Arrangement, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Yohkyoku Shimai(Japanese Noh music), Instruction in the Catholic Faith for the children from Catholic homes.
9th grade students are required to do some type of volunteer work during the summer vacation.

Characteristics of the Study Program :While the school regards its study course in the junior high school and high school as a continuous one, each student has to maintain a certain level of study in order to continue onto high school.
Special effort is made to provide those in the senior year with programs aimed at getting them into universities. 100% of our students enter universities.

Individual Ability :the English, mathematics and Japanese classes are generally divided by ability.

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